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Drone Surveying 

Stop using expensive access platforms to assess hard to reach areas, when its cheaper and safer to do it from the ground. 

Our Drone Surveys provide a 4k birds-eye-view of previously inaccessible areas, giving a detailed and accurate view of the space and any potential problem areas. 

We provide a full report with our findings and recommendations, including high-definition pictures and videos of: 

  • Insight into complex and hard to access areas 

  • Building and surrounding area 

  • Roofs (including any chimneys and skylights)

  • Guttering and fascias

Magnetech Safety Drone Photography
Magnetech Safety Roof System

Need A Bespoke Solution?

We have over 100 years of collective experience finding answers for complex projects.


Being independent we are not bound by any exclusivity manufacturing contracts, so we are able to find the best products for your project. 


If an off-the-shelf product wont work, then talk to us. We can help. 

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